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ANSI compliant garments (worker visibility)
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The KDOT Project Contract will identify specifications/revisions/drawings that apply to a project.

Copies of KDOT specifications for SECTION 802-Contractor Construction Staking including associated special provisions (07-08036, latest revision) and for SECTION 805-Work Zone Traffic Control and Safety including associated special provisions (07-08001-R06, 07-08002-R02, 07-08027 and 07-08030, latest revisions) may be accessed from the following website.


KDOT Standard Drawings may be accessed from the following website:


Recently, the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) issued a “Standing Permit Policy for Land Surveyors working within the State Highway System Right-of-Way”. This policy became effective on 11/17/03 and will be strongly enforced by all KDOT personnel. The purpose of this policy is to address the safety of the traveling public along with those who wish to perform survey functions anywhere within KDOT R/W.


  • If you’re performing a prelim. survey via contract with KDOT’s Bureau of Design, you’re required to comply.
  • If you’re “just barely working inside of the R/W fence”, you’re required to comply.
  • If you’re “just going to be occupying the corner for just a few minutes”, you’re required to comply.
  • If you’re working anywhere within KDOT R/W and “didn’t know about the policy”, you will be ordered to leave.
  • The only exception is for non-KDOT surveyors contracted for const. staking are not required to obtain a permit.

If you do not observe ALL of the requirements of this policy, then you will be ordered to leave. Briefly and in summary, those requirements are, as follows:

  • KDOT’s District Blanket Permit (KDOT Form 304) - A copy must be in the vehicle while on site
  • Documentation Log of Notification to the Area Office personnel; - The log book or written authorization must be in vehicle while on site
  • Traffic control in conformance with MUTCD & KDOT traffic control standard drawings -“Work Zone” must be contained within a signed area (Signs up, NO exceptions)
  • Amber rotating or strobe lights atop survey vehicles
  • NO unattended vehicles closer than 30 feet to the edge of pavement
  • Personnel must wear a high visibility (ANSI Class II) safety vest with retro-reflective striping
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