About Surveyors

Land Surveying as a Profession

Land Surveying is a proud profession with strong presidential ties; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln were all land surveyors. In fact, surveyors are proud to say that “there are three surveyors and another guy on Mt. Rushmore.” Roosevelt was, unfortunately, never a member of the surveying profession.

What Are We?

The Kansas Society of Land Surveyors is an association of professionals who render a highly technical service while taking into account applicable laws, regulations, codes and court decisions established by city, county, state and federal authorities.

What Do We Do?

Surveyors are the first professionals consulted when new sites are proposed, constructed and sold. Surveyors:

  • set and mark monuments at your property corners so they can be easily found*
  • study your property description and applicable evidence, and indicate, in their professional opinion, what the records and facts indicate the boundaries of your land to be
  • advise you of defects which can have adverse effects on the ownership of your land

Using specialized equipment and some of the latest technology, surveyors perform:

  • Mortgage Title Inspections
  • Preliminary Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Lot Split Surveys
  • ALTA/ASCM Land Title Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys
  • Site Plan Surveys
  • Subdivision Plat Surveys
  • Construction Surveys
  • Archeological Surveys
  • Flood Zone Surveys
  • Mineral and Mining Surveys
  • Forensic or Crash Site Surveys

Why Surveyors are Important

They protect the interests and rights of property owners.
In cases of controversy, a surveyor can appear as an expert witness.
By law, surveyors are the only professionals who are allowed to write original descriptions of real property for conveyance of or recording thereof. (KSA 74-7003)

When to Call Us

Before you buy or sell a house, construct a building or fence, or develop property.
In short, before a boundary dispute arises!

Where to Reach Us

  • Contact your attorney or local Register of Deeds. (Most Registers of Deeds offices have copies of our brochures and know how to reach us.)
  • Check to see if your county has a County Surveyor; call that office
  • Check our website to locate a surveyor in your area

Surveying is a proud profession! The Kansas Society of Land Surveyors strives as an organization to protect the public interest, and ensure that our members receive factual, up-to-date continuing education opportunities so they, in turn, can provide quality services to their clients.

*Removing or disturbing a survey monument is punishable under Kansas law (KSA 21-3724)

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