To help address the declining number of individuals licensed to provide needed land surveying services, the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions revised the educational requirements to become a licensed professional surveyor in Kansas. The revised regulation now allows, in addition to the traditional education requirements of a four-year degree with four years of experience or a two-year degree with six years of experience, a non-degree education pathway to licensure coupled with eight years of experience.

The regulation, K.A.R. 66-9-5, does not require a degree, but rather successful completion of at least 12 college hours of approved surveying coursework, consisting of three semester hours in each of the following: (1) surveying measurements and analysis; (2) global positioning system (GPS) surveying techniques; (3) real property law; and (4) boundary control and legal principles. There are several schools that offer in-person and distance-education courses that may satisfy the requirements, including Kansas City Kansas Community College.

Regardless of the education obtained, degreed or non-degreed, applicants for licensure must pass surveying exams before becoming licensed.

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