Statutes & Regulations

Minimum Standards

These standards were adopted by vote of the membership of the Kansas Society of Land Surveyors on November 21, 2020.  It is the intent of these Standards to provide the surveyors and the recipients of surveys a realistic and prudent yardstick of adequate surveying performance.  The Rules and Regulations that reference these Minimum Standards were adopted by the Kansas State Board of Technical Professions on May 21, 2021.

Minimum Standards for Boundary Surveys and Mortgage Title Inspections Standards of Practice

NEW - 2011 - Text of bill that affects many surveyor functions, including the plat review law.

SB112 - Click here!

Regulations Affecting Surveying

2010 KSBTP Rules and Regulations

Regulations Affecting Surveying

2010 KSBTP Rules and Regulations

Statutes Affecting Surveying


Complete Text of Statutes

Abandoned property

Channels—82a-204, 82a-209

Actions and Procedures

Foreclosure of security interest, civil procedure—60-1006
Real property—60-1001 et seq.
Water, appropriation of—82a-705, 82a-718


Generally—12-501 et seq.



Adverse Possession

Appropriation of water—82a-705
Deeds and conveyances—58-2208
Definition—58-503 et seq.
Marketable record title—58-3404
Public park land—58-2247
Partition action, pleading—60-1003
Quieting title—60-1002

Annexation of Territory

Generally—12-519 et seq.
Cemetery districts—15-1017, 17-1335, 17-1356 et seq.
Cities, boundary lines—12-517, 12-518
Extension of municipal services—12-520b, 12-521, 12-533, 12-534
Military reservations—12-529
Plats—12-326 et seq.


Generally—58-3101 et seq.


Cemetery districts, exclusion of territory—15-1018, 15-1019
Cities, change in—12-517, 12-518
Missouri River boundary line agreement—82a-521 et seq.
Records of surveyor—19-1407
Water districts—82a-614
Zoning districts or zones—12-708


Arkansas River Compact—82a-520
Republican River Compact—82a-518


Abandonment—17-1328 et seq.
Cemetery districts—15-1014, 15-1015
Deeds and conveyances—17-302
Eminent Domain—17-1315
Surveys—17-1302, 17-1308


Survey of—82a-204

Civil Action

Ejectment from real property—58-1001 et seq.
Limitation—60-510 et seq.

Closure Calculations

Information required with plats—58-2004

County Clerk

Maps and plats filed with—12-403
Plat of subdivision—79-405 et seq.
Recording deeds and conveyances—58-2239, 58-2242a
Road record book—19-310
Road surveys—19-1420
Townships, names and certified statements—19-309

County Engineer

Crimes and punishments, counties over 300,000—28-619
Fees, counties over 300,000—28-615, 28-617, 28-119
Services, counties over 250,000—19-1403a

County Surveyor

Generally—19-1401 et seq.
Appeal from survey—19-1426
Boundaries, establishment—19-1423
Compensation for chainmen, markers, flagmen, rodmen—19-1417
Cornerstones—19-1430, 19-1432
County engineer acting as county surveyor—19-1403
Evidence, taking of—19-1414
Fees, counties of more than 50,000—28-120
Fees, counties between 130,000 and 185,000—28-208
Office hours, counties over 50,000—28-120, 19-2601
Penalties for violations, counties between 100,000 and 185,000—28-226
Penalties for misconduct or neglect—19-1404
Plats and field notes of original federal surveyors—19-1418
Removal from office—19-2609
Road record book—19-310
Roads, laying out or altering—69-104, 68-105
Roads, re-survey—68-108
Term of office—19-1401
Section corner reference reports—58-2011
Subdivision plats, review before recordation—58-2005
Survey for County clerk—79-409
Surveys for use in court—19-1405
Surveys of irregular tracts—19-1421
Surveys, review before recordation—58-2005
Surveys, statutory/legal—19-1401 et seq.


Arkansas River Compact—82a520
Check dams, rural water districts—82a619
Donation of lands, easement or right-of-way, tax exemptions—82a-409
Forfeiture of rights—82a-116
Filing of maps and plans—82a-302
Republican River Compact, storage reservoir—82a-518


Acknowledgement of deed required—58-2211
Claim of interest, preserving—58-3406
Condominium ownership—58-3101 et seq.
Corporation conveyances prior to 1887—58-2206
Defective deeds validated—58-2237
Errors, register of deeds responsibility—58-2221
Guardian’s deeds—58-2255
Indian land—58-2249
Lost instruments, certified copies of—58-2230
Maps and plats—12-401 et seq.
Marketable record title defined—58-3403
Quit claim deed—58-2204
Recordation of conveyance—58-2221
Tax foreclosure sale—58-2269
Title acquired after conveyance passes to grantee—58-2207
Trust deeds—58-2252
Unacknowledged deed—58-2214
Warranty deed—58-2203

Drainage Districts

Surveys—24-417, 24-419, 27-467
Powers—24-408, 24-429, 24-495 et seq.
Boundary watercourses—24-453
Cities of the first class—24-489 et seq.
Counties between 85,000 and 130,000—24-485, 24-486
Swamps and overflowed lands, surveys of—24-609
Watercourse boundaries
Sale of abandoned channel—24-453


Acquisition of underlying fee interest—12-16,103
Conservation easements, uniform act—58-3810 et seq.
Pipeline, abandonment—58-2271
Release of easement, procedure—12-16,104
Rights-of-way, state agencies—75-2130 et seq.
Solar easements—58-3801 et seq.
Upon state lands—75-2131, 75-2132
Vacation—12-504, 12-505, 12-512b, 25-2613 et seq.

Eminent Domain

Generally—26-501 et seq.
Abandonment of condemnation—26-507
Abutting property, damages—26-513
Access, damages—26-513
Entry upon land, surveys—26-512
Fences, damages—26-513
Interurban railways—66-911
Navigable waterways, acquisition of new channels—82a-201
Non-conforming use, damages—26-513
Partial taking—26-513
Private roads, damages—26-513
Roads and highways—68-114, 68-137, 68-138
Benefit districts—68-703, 68-728, 68-733, 68-737
Trees and Shrubbery, damages—26-513
Street railways—66-911

Federal Land Office

Land Patents—58-2101 et seq.
Lists of lands granted to state—75-2812
State land office relinquishing color of title—75-2810


Generally—29-101 et seq.
Trespass, damages for—29-108
Construction—29-102, 29-103
Eminent domain—26-513
Legal and sufficient fence—29-104
Legal enclosures—29-101 et seq.

Field Notes

Records of surveyor—19-1407
Copies of—19-1415
Original federal surveys—19-1418

Geological Survey

Commission on applied remote sensing, ex officio member—74-7701

High Water Mark

Conveyance to—82a-202

Indian Land

Purchase of—58-2249

Kansas State Board of Technical Professions

Generally—74-7001 et seq.
Disciplinary authority—74-7026, 74-7027, 74-7028
Land surveying—74-7003
Practice of, unlawful without license—74-7001
Continuing education—74-7007, 74-7025
Examinations—74-7009, 74-7013, 74-7017
Fees—74-7009, 74-7025, 74-7026
Loss or destruction, re-issue—74-7025
Qualifications for—74-7022
Reinstatement after failure to renew—74-7025
Reinstatement after suspension or revocation—74-7026
Revocation or suspension—74-7026
Standards regulating quality—74-7037
Violations and penalties—74-7001, 74-7029, 74-7039

Kansas State Historical Society

Generally—75-2701 et seq.
Certified documents, copies and records—75-2705
Historic preservation program—75-2715 et seq.
Survey, statewide—75-2721
Land survey fee fund—58-2011
Section corner reference reports—58-2011



Land Patents

Railroads, recording—58-2248

Land Surveyor

See State Board of Technical Professions—74-7001 et seq.
Certificate of authorization—74-7001, 74-7036
Renewal fees—74-7025
Revocation, reinstatement—74-7025, 74-7026
Crimes and penalties—74-7001
Definitions, technical profession—74-7003
Examinations—74-7004, 74-7009, 74-7013, 74-7022
Incorporation—17-2706 et seq.
Examinations—74-7004, 74-7013, 74-7022
Renewals, application, fees—74-7009
Unlawful practice—74-7001
Practice of land surveying, regulation—74-7001 et seq.
Right of Entry—74-7046
Survey corners
Alteration, removal, damage, destruction—21-3724
Failure to file, penalties—58-2001
Filing of surveys and references, fees—58-2011
Restoration reports, fee—58-2011

Land Surveys

Fees, land survey fee fund—58-2011
Landmark, tampering with, criminal code—21-3724
Monumentation of subdivision boundary—58-2001, 58-2002
Public survey—75-2809
Records, duty to furnish by local government agencies—58-2010
Recordation of references—58-2003
Review of subdivision plats before recording—58-2005
Review of surveys before recording—58-2005

Levees and Flood Control

Subdivision regulations—12-705, 12-734, 12-735
Water resources, division of, chief engineer authority—12-734, 12-735
Zoning—12-707, 12-710, 12-735
United States Army Corps of Engineers
Constructed dikes or control works—12-646a


Contractors’ liens—60-1101 et seq.
Expiration of lien after filing—58-2254
Liens for labor and material—60-1101 et seq.
Small claims procedure—61-2701 et seq.

Maps and Plats

Cemeteries—17-1302, 17-1304, 17-1308, 17-1310, 17-1323
Cities—12-401 et seq., 12-705 et seq.
Consolidation of municipalities—12-319, 12-326 et seq.
County zoning—19-2918 et seq.
Errors, correction of—12-420
Exclusion, unplatted tracts—12-504 et seq.
Form and contents—12-401
Frontage of lots, change—12-514, 12-515, 12-516
Levees and flood control, improvements—12-636
Microphotographed copies—58-2224
Mines, coal, rock or limestone—49-201
Photographic copies—58-2224
Planning commission—12-704, 12-705
Public lands—12-411
Records and recordation, Register of Deeds—19-1204 et seq.
Restoration of lost plat—12-413 et seq.
Streets and alleys—12-401 et seq., 12-704, 12-705
Title of property, vesting in land conveyed for public use—12-406, 12-406a
Townships—19-230, 58-2601 et seq.
Vacating platted lands—12-512b, 58-2613 et seq.
Zoning—19-2904, 19-2905


Adjoining land—49-106
Maps of mines—49-201
Right of entry for—49-105
Penalty for refusing entry—49-108
Temporary Injunction—49-103


Generally—12-101 et seq.
Lots and blocks
Conveyances by certain heirs—58-2609
Development—58-2602 et seq.
Subdivision of land—58-2602 et seq.

Navigable Waters

Generally—82a-201 et seq.
Abandoned channel, survey—82a-204, 82a-209
Acquisition of new channel—82a-201
Alteration of channel by flood or avulsion—82a-201, 82a-209
Deeds and conveyances, new channels—82a-202
Eminent domain, new channels—82a-201, 82a-203


True Meridian—19-1421


Adverse possession—58-2247
Cemetery land—12-1310, 12-1311
Subdivision regulations—12-705

Planning Commission

Lot splitting—12-705b
Subdivision of land—12-705, 19-2905, 19-2928
Zoning, land outside city limits—12-715b

Plats (See also Maps and Plats)

Cemetery—12-1002, 17-1302, 17-1308
Cities and townsites—12-401
Notice to file—12-326 et seq.
Original town—58-2612a
Vacation of—58-2613 et seq.

Public Lands

Patents—58-2101 et seq.


Deeds recorded by register of state land office—58-2248


Deeds and conveyances—58-2239, 58-2241
Maps and plans, dams—82a-302
Maps and plats—12-401 et seq
Correcting errors—12-420
Records open to public—45-201
Register of Deeds—19-1204 et seq.
Roads and highways
Section corner reference reports—58-2003, 58-2011
Section lines, relocating—68-104
Surveys, counties—19-1407 et seq.

Recreational Areas (Land and Water)

Limitation of liability of owners—58-3201 et seq.
Trails—58-3211 et seq.

Register of Deeds

Generally—19-1201 et seq.
Cemetery corporations, surveys and plats, recordation—17-1302, 17-1308
Defective instruments validated—58-2237
Land patents—58-2101
Maps and plats—12-326, 12-401 et seq.
Errors, correction of—12-420
Marketable record title, notice of claim—58-3407
Numerical index—19-1209
Plats of subdivisions, filing after approval—12-705b
Quieting title, illegible, damaged or destroyed records—19-1219
Recording notice, claims of interest in land—58-3407
Federal surveys, plats and field notes—19-1418
Public surveys—58-2003
Recordation of certain points and measurements—58-2003
Transfer record—58-2241


Cemetery—17-1304, 17-1310, 17-1323


Streets, alleys, or reservations—12-506, 13-443

Rivers and Streams

Abandoned channels, surveys—82a-204, 82a-209
Abandonment, condemnation proceedings—82a-203
Acquisition of new channels—82a-201
Adjoining landowners, obstructions caused by—82a-308
Alteration by flood or avulsion—82a-201, 82a-202
Arkansas River Compact—82a-520
Eminent domain, new channel—82a-201 et seq.
Obstructions—82a-301 et seq.
Maps and plans—82a-302
Surveys, cleaning and maintenance by county—82a-307a
Republican River Compact—82a-518
Abandoned channels—82a-204, 82a-209
Channel maintenance, proceeds from sand products—82a-311

Roads and highways

Access from adjoining land—68-117
County roads—68-101
Eminent domain—68-114, 68-703, 68-728, 68-733, 68-737
Laying out—68-102 et seq.
Maps—68-703, 68-703
Platted lands outside cities—68-728
Resident landowner defined—68-701
Benefit districts—68-703
County line roads, establishment—68-109
Laying out or altering roads—68-104, 68-106
Surveyors, compensation of—68-110
Vacation of—68-102, 68-114


See also
County Line
County Surveyor
Land Surveyor
Land Surveys

Section Corners

Establishment of section corners closing on a parallel or baseline—19-1411
Evidence, taking on survey—19-1419
Method of subdividing sections into quarter sections—19-1409
Procedure in establishing—19-1423
Protection of—58-2011
Protection of corner stones—19-1430
Re-establishment of missing corners—19-1412, 19-1432
Reference ties—58-2003
Rules for resurvey—19-1422
Set or reset—58-2003
Survey affecting county line—19-1428

State Land Office

Generally—75-2801 et seq.
Abandoned channel surveys—82a-204
Chain of title—75-2801
Field notes, public surveys—75-2809
Indexed books—75-2801
Maps, public surveys—75-2809
Patents—58-2101 et seq.
Correction of defective—75-2814
Preservation of records—75-2801
Public surveys—75-2809
Quitclaim deeds—75-2811
Secretary of State, ex officio register—75-2801
Tract books—75-2802, 75-2803
United States
Color of title, relinquishment—75-2810
Lands granted to state—75-2812

State Plane Coordinates

Legal descriptions—58-20a04

Streets and Alleys

Acquisition of lands—12-671
Eminent domain—26-501 et seq.
Improvements, assessments, unplatted or partially platted lands—12-606
Maps and plats—12-401 et seq., 12-704, 12-705
Opening and closing of—13-443
Reversion of vacated street, alley, or reservation—12-506
Right-of-way, acquisition, special assessments, exemptions—12-692
Subdivision regulations—12-705
Trees and shrubbery, municipal regulation—12-3201 et seq.
Vacating—12-504 et seq., 12-512b, 58-2613 et seq.
Reservation of rights—12-512a


Boundary monumentation—58-2001, 58-2002
Information required with—58-2004
Review before recordation—58-2005
Vacating platted lands—12-512b, 58-2613 et seq.


Marketable record title defined—58-3403
Preserving a claim of interest—58-3406 et seq.
Quieting title—60-1002

Townhouse Ownership Act

Generally—58-3701 et seq.


Generally—58-2601 et seq.


Area—19-217, 19-1432
Boundaries—19-212, 19-309
Partition fences—29-318
Zoning—19-2901 et seq.
Lines, boundaries of counties—18-201
Maps—12-401 et seq.




Criminal Trespass—21-3721
Surveyor's right of entry --74-7046

Uniform Land Sales Practices Act
Generally—58-3301 et seq.


City streets and alleys—12-512b
Easements—12-504, 12-505, 12-512b, 58-2613
Platted lands—12-512b, 58-2613 et seq.
Setback lines—58-2613

Water and Watercourses

Abandoned channels
Condemnation proceedings—82a-203
Survey—82a-204, 82a-209
Acquisition of new channel—82a-201
Alteration of channels by flood or avulsion—82a-2023
Appropriation of water—82a-701 et seq.
Deeds and conveyances—82a-202
Maps, plans or plats, application for permit—82a-710


Adoption of—12-756, 12-749
Board of zoning appeals
Cities—12-714 et seq.
Townships—19-2901 et seq.
Cities—12-707 et seq.
Lands within 3 miles of city limits—12-715b
Floodplain zoning—12-754, 12-766, 19-2908, 19-2921
Approval—12-734, 12-735
Rules and Regulations—12-735
Violation of—12-710
Water resources—12-734, 12-735
Improvement districts—19-2950 et seq.
Maps and plats—19-2904, 19-2905
Nonconforming use—12-770, 12-771
Planning commission—12-744 et seq.
Plat approval—12-749, 12-752
Plats and platting—19-2961
Records—29-2903, 29-2905, 19-2910
Regulations and violations—19-2960, 19-2963
Replats, approval—19-2905
Subdivisions of land—19-2918 et seq.
Subdivision regulations—12-749 et seq.
Unincorporated areas, subdivision of—19-2961
Zoning districts and classifications—19-2960

Complete Text of Statutes

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