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Have you heard someone say that they think the profession is dying? Perceptions that a surveyor is a “technician”, not a “professional” lead to less interest by potential hires. Schools are reconsidering offering surveying classes because of drops in enrollment, which means that it is difficult for someone considering surveying as a profession to find a place to get the necessary education and training. With the average age of a surveyor at 55, more and more surveyors will be retiring in the coming years, but who will replace them?

What does this have to do with the Charitable Foundation? The Foundation’s purpose is to assist the Surveying Community by providing tuition assistance to students who plan to become Surveyors, or young associates trying to get their license. But what if there aren’t any students in the pipeline or local classes for your associates to take?

The Foundation will be examining ways to encourage high school students to consider Surveying as a profession. Perhaps we need more career day programs, or internships during the summer where an experienced surveyor can mentor a student for a few months. Or maybe we can film a YouTube video explaining some of the new technological trends that are appearing and share it with high school students and their teachers.

We will also be looking at ways to help those associates, who are already in the pipeline, get the training they need to get licensed. Wil Anderson, the current Chair of both the Foundation and KSLS Education Committee, recently said that he would like to request “not only your ideas to help these associates get their LS, but also for you to ask the associates you work with for their opinion.” He is interested in their opinions on the available educational opportunities for them to meet the criteria set by the KSBTP, and also the locations and costs required to meet those criteria. Wil commented that “This is a common discussion topic at Surveying Profession meetings in the USA, and to that end we are branching out to determine cooperation and coordination from those other State Societies and NSPS.”

Whatever is decided, we will need help. Do you enjoy working with young people? Would you like an opportunity to share your expertise and experiences? Do you have a knack for teaching? Do you like to write about surveying? We can use you and it will only cost a bit of your time!!

Fundraising is an important part of Foundation activities. Many of you are aware that the Foundation earns some funds from the sale of GLO CDs on the KSLS website, and receives the fees for the On-Line Minimum Standards class. We will be looking into ways to increase funding by adding new income streams. 

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KSLS Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation. Donations are tax deductible. Our tax id# is: 61-1563408. Please contact the Foundation Executive at: foundation@ksls.com

Chair: Wil Anderson
Vice Chair: Steve Brosemer


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