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July 27, 2020 12:16 PM | Evelyn Cable (Administrator)


SMH Consultants (SMH); a reputable engineering and land surveying company in Manhattan, Kansas; is seeking to fill a Survey Crew Chief position.  It is desirable, under direction, this person coordinates the activities of a field survey party; performs the most technically complex paraprofessional field surveying duties; and performs other duties as required.


Responsible for the effective performance, training, and safety of all members of a field survey party. Survey Party Chief reports to a Professional Surveyor that is assigned responsible charge for field survey work.


1. Acts as party chief for a field survey crew engaged in making plane and/or geodetic surveys for construction, topographic, right-of-way, and control survey projects; participates in pre-survey planning meetings with project managers, resident engineers, and contractor representatives; assigns and monitors work, and provides input for evaluation of members of field survey crew; and instructs and trains survey crew in survey and mapping methods, use of equipment, and field safety procedures.

2. Gathers field survey data through use of conventional and Global Positioning System (GPS) methods; sets up, adjusts, and operates surveying equipment, including electronic total station, data collector, and GPS equipment, in order to measure distances, elevations, and angles; prepares field notes and drawings; and performs field surveying for roadway, bridges, and flood control projects, including installing surveying construction stakes, tying out existing intersection ties, and locating or establishing vertical and horizontal control, right of way, monuments, corners, boundaries, and property lines.

3. Performs complex surveying calculations using engineering calculator, laptop computer, personal computer, and graphics and coordinate geometry (Cogo) software, such as AutoCad-Softdesk; analyzes raw data for mathematical closure and geometric accuracy; provides survey information for Geographic Information System (GIS); and prepares finished grade sheets, topographic maps, records of survey, corner records, and other survey reports.

4. Researches existing record information, including record maps, plans, deeds, easements, and right-of-way documents; and maintains field data records, survey project files, and indexing systems.

5. May perform mapping compliance or other related office survey duties as a temporary assignment in order to satisfy the training/experience requirement for the Professional Land Surveyor's License.

Special Requirements:

Work is performed both outdoors and in an office environment. Outdoor work may be conducted at landfills, construction sites, and in traffic. To perform the essential functions of the job, incumbents may be required to perform moderately strenuous tasks, such as including lifting and carrying instruments weighing up to 75 pounds over rough terrain. Incumbents may also be required to clear vegetation, dig holes, and pound stakes with hand tools.

Knowledge of:

Principles and practices of land surveying, including boundary determination, legal descriptions, construction, topographic surveying, and GIS; field surveying practices and techniques, including radial staking; uses and capabilities of survey instruments, including electronic total station, data collector, theodolites, network control stations, and GPS measuring equipment; laws, rules, and regulations regarding subdivisions of land, boundary locations, mapping, and surveying practices, including the Professional Land Surveyor's Act; principles of algebra, geometry, and trigonometry as used in field survey analysis; technical report writing; and computer assisted surveying applications.

Ability to:

Assign, prioritize, schedule, and delegate work; explain technical concepts to others; provide constructive feedback; direct, train, and evaluate the performance of staff; enforce safety practices; work independently; read and interpret engineering plans; collect, calculate, and adjust mathematical computations such as distances, traverses, and elevations; analyze data; operate and maintain complex precision surveying instruments, engineering calculators, and personal computers; perform difficult algebraic, geometric, trigonometric, and precise engineering calculations; communicate effectively orally and in writing; and establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with County staff, engineers, developers, contractors, and the general public.

Compensation will be determined based upon qualifications and experience.  Benefits include a 401K retirement plan, paid full time off, and a health care plan. SMH Consultants, P.A. is an equal opportunity employer.  All employees are hired at-will and subject to a 60-day primary evaluation period.

If interested contact or send resume to:

SMH Consultants

Fax: 785-776-9760


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