Land Surveyor II (Job ID 202679) - Kansas Department of Transportation - Norton

July 10, 2023 3:12 PM | Kansas Society of Land Surveyors (Administrator)

Company Name and Contact Person's Name:  Kansas Department of Transportation, Chelsea Smith

Location of Job: Norton, KS

Job Title:  Land Surveyor II

Job Requirements:  This position supervises the preliminary survey activities for the Bureau of Right of Way and manages the internal resources, along with coordination of consultant survey resources utilized by the Bureau. The Surveyor is responsible to locate, establish and/or relocate section corners, property corners and KDOT right of way, review deeds and plans relative to project site, alignment recovery and establishment, vertical control recovery and benchmark establishment, obtaining elevations and topographic information, makes on site project inspections of survey operations to review all operations and training appropriate District personnel in surveying and basic mathematics.

How to Apply:  State of Kansas Careers Portal - Job ID 202679

Phone, Email or Address of Contact Person: 785-296-1841 or

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