2020 Annual Meeting and Conference

2020 Annual Meeting and Conference will be online only due to COVID19 restrictions in Sedgwick County. 

The Annual Meeting will be held via Zoom at 10:30 a.m. on October 16, 2020. 

You will need to log into your membership account to access the login information for the Annual Meeting.  Log into your account, then click on the Member tab, then on General Assembly.


October Webinars with Dr. Knud Hermansen, will be held on the following dates.  Click on the Links to Register.

October 2, 2020 - Boundary Agreements

October 6, 2020 - Easements

October 16, 2020 - Lines of Possession  

October 20, 2020 - Improving Descriptions  

You will need to register and pay for each webinar separately.

Each session starts at 8:00 a.m., Central Times, and will last for 2 hours. 

PDH certificates will be emailed the day following the webinar. 

Cost is $25/person/class for both members and non-members.

A link to the handout for each webinar is included at the bottom of the confirmation email you will receive upon completing your registration.  

Knud Hermansen Bio:

Knud E. Hermansen is an attorney, professional engineer, and professional land surveyor. His education includes a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and a J.D. (Doctorate in Law) from West Virginia University. Knud is a retired professor at the University of Maine and operates a consulting firm offering surveying, engineering, and legal services. Professional membership includes the National Lawyers Association, National Society of Professional Surveyors, National Society of Professional Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers, and several state professional associations. He is the author of numerous books and articles.

Class Descriptions:

Boundary Agreements and Related Matters

As the lead professional in matters pertaining to boundaries, the surveyor is often in the position to recognize when boundary agreements are useful or needed. Furthermore, the surveyor is often the most knowledgeable professional regarding

the form, type, and style of agreement to employ in a certain situation. This session will focus on when an agreement is recommended, when it is needed, and the various forms of agreement. The session will look at common mistakes made in preparing agreements and how to solve common boundary problems with agreements. Sample agreements will be provided and discussed.

Easements - Identification and Retracement

The failure of practitioners to identify, locate, and delineate easements is a major source of liability and the cause of problems for clients. This seminar will cover the research, identification, allowable use, creation, extinguishment, location, and delineation of easements.

Lines of Possession

Survey practitioners often encounter situations where occupation exist on or near the boundary. The session will explain and discuss the analysis, reporting, use, and importance of lines of possession when providing surveying services to reestablish the location of boundaries. The session will also discuss doctrines that cause the occupation lines to be the lines of ownership.

Improving Descriptions

Surveyors, for the most part, are in the business of providing accurate information. One of the methods of communicating an opinion is to prepare a description for the property or property interest surveyed. This workshop will examine methods and techniques for preparing effective property descriptions. Particular attention will be given to integrating diagrams with the description, using affidavits to get the description on the record (despite the attorney’s use of the original description), avoiding common problems with writing descriptions, and forms that clarify the description for the layperson.

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